Chekmark Consulting builds brands and creates a footprint for a client's image using fresh ideas to bring a revenue stream to small businesses, awareness, growth marketing, business development, and press hits  while inserting clients into appropriate sectors that put them on the map.

Business Development

Provide business growth ideas to brands to increase sales and awareness. Secure introductions for restaurants, brands, and CPG's to other business owners to help grow presence and partnerships.


Create proper messaging and oversee design and verbiage for marketing materials 

Digital Strategy

Devise mood boards along with visual and verbal guidelines for a top-notch instagram campaign ***Photography also available

Influencer Marketing

Work with social media influencers to create successful campaigns to gain brand awareness and results

Media Relations + PR

Pitch profiles and features to national and local TV, print, and online media


Use relationships to create partnerships and live experiences between likeminded brands and people